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Mystery Keycap Season 2

Mystery Keycap Season 2

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Duckeys Mystery Keycap Season 2: Winter Escape

These are a mixture of 3D-Printed and Hand-Crafted keycaps. Each one is unique, and may have minor variations from the photos that will not affect functionality. Each keycap fits on (but are not limited to) any MX Stem, Kalih, Gateron and Razer Mechanical Switches (Most Gaming Keyboards). Check our FAQ for any questions on compatibility.

  • DUCKEYS¬†MYSTERY KEYCAP¬†WINTER ESCAPE¬†SERIES:¬†Meet¬†Duckey & friends for another exciting¬†winter getup with the¬†Duckeys Mystery Keycap Winter Escape.¬†Includes 1 blind bag (See product images to view full collection).
  • SEALED BAG FOR EXTRA SURPRISE:¬†Each will come in a sealed mylar bag to maximize excitement. Returns can only be made with sealed box and bag intact. Appropriate for ages 8 & up.
  • DUCKEYS MAKE THE PERFECT GIFT:¬†Duckey the duck¬†makes the perfect gifts for¬†duck lovers and fans of kawaii ducks, cute stuff & collectors of adorable keyboard companions.
  • BONK ROUTINELY:¬†Our¬†bonk-able,¬†goofy AHH¬†keycaps appeal to all ages and last throughout a lifetime of¬†bonks.
  • INCLUDES:¬†1¬†Mystery Keycap (NOT FULL SET)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
I godduck love it

It’s so cute???? I got the beanie, ice/snowhead, and scarf one. I have never been so excited to press the ESC key. Lil boop beanie. Shouldve gotten the icicle bonk. The keycap also fits nice and snug; some artisan keycaps are a little loose on the switches and would come off- this one doesnt.

I was aiming for the ice cube one, but the beanie is great too!

It wouldve been plus point if it was squishy and had a quack sound.

That’s it. Off to booping my beanieduckie

Travis Ngo
Design Bit Faded, 3 Weeks to Arrive

The keycaps are super cute. I'm obsessed with blind bags and boxes, so seeing this product for the keyboard hobby was super dope. I didn't get the ice block duck as I had hoped, but the scarf and snow-headed duck are super cute too. The keycaps feel sturdy even though there were reports of them breaking and smushing my keycaps to the stiff switch stem, and I had 0 problems. The designs are slightly faded and fuzzy, but you get what you get for a $10 novelty. Shipping times are a little long, as almost a month for a single keycap is a bit crazy, but if you're patient, you shouldn't have any problems. I ordered my keycaps on Feb 25, which were delivered on March 15. I've only had the keycaps for about a week, so I don't know how the quality will change over time. TLDR; Cute and worth the money. The quality is what you pay for, and shipping times are a bit long.

David Po
Still haven't even received them

Took well over two weeks just for a tracking number to be created, then another 5 days or so before the package was even picked up by USPS. Here we are weeks later and I've still yet to receive my order. I emailed customer service about it a few weeks ago but that email went unanswered. I wouldn't have even left this review but I thought it was funny that they sent me an email asking what I think about my order that they allegedly fulfilled 14 days ago.

Ant T.
Alright, but I got two duplicates :(

Twoooo of the sameee :((((
Cute though! I love them

william rechs
Didnt fit well, and they did not respond to a refund request.

They arrived and when i put them on, they were very tight, but wobbled a lot. Bad service, not very good keycaps, and dont expect to be able to get a refund