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Clickey Rainbow Palette Family Pack (NO YELLOW)

Clickey Rainbow Palette Family Pack (NO YELLOW)

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Experience the ultimate blend of fun and fidgeting with our Duckeys bundle! This exclusive package includes one keycap in every vibrant color from the rainbow palette (excluding yellow), along with a matching Clickey for each color – that's six delightful fidget toys in total. Each Clickey isn't just a keycap; it's a fidget sensation that enhances your Duckeys experience. Click, bonk, and fidget your way to a more enjoyable time, wherever you are!


  • Quantity: 1x Every Rainbow Duckey (NO YELLOW) + 6 Clickeys
  • Material: ABS/PVC
  • Profile: Cherry Profile/ 3D Profile
  • Size: 1u/1.5u


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