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Mystery Keycap Season 2 FULL SET

Mystery Keycap Season 2 FULL SET

No Need to Unbox every Winter Escape Duckeys... GET THEM ALL without any doubles!

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  • Quantity: 6x Mystery Duckey (THE FULL SET, NO DOUBLES!)
  • Material: ABS/PVC
  • Profile: Cherry Profile/ 3D Profile
  • Size: 1u/1.5u
  • Compatibility: MX switches and clones
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  • Simply check your keyboard for cross-shaped switches ()

  • Pick out your favorite Duckey!

  • Remove any keys you would like to swap.

  • Replace with Duckeys for complete duckification.

Add a Splash of Personality to Your Keyboard

🌈 Explore our range, find the perfect Duckey to express yourself, and unlock a world of creativity as you transform your keyboard effortlessly.


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